Therapy at Budding Therapy

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"Person-Centred Therapy" 
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Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy places its focus on the ‘person’ (the client, you) and the relationship between the client and therapist (me). Below, I have described what therapy will feel like with me.

For more in-depth information about the theory behind Person-Centred Therapy, you can read my article here.

Empathy, Acceptance and Warmth

Chances are, you are coming to therapy because you are worried, sad or something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern of things that you’d like to change. It is my job to be present with you, to help resolve these feelings or problems. I do this, not by telling you all the answers, but by working with you to support you to find the answers. I do this by offering you empathy, acceptance of you and your experiences, and genuineness.

Actualising Tendency

In Person-Centred therapy, we accept that everyone grows, and that is based on the environment around you. The view is that as long as I provide the right conditions, you will begin to grow and develop in a positive direction. Those conditions are empathy, unconditional positive regard and warmth. I aim to remain honest and genuine with you, to help you to find the answers that you seek.

Therapeutic Change

When you first come to therapy, you might not be ready to talk openly about all of the things you’d like to explore. That is OK. Sometimes it doesn’t feel safe to let someone new in, and it might take some time of working together. I will never pressure someone to open up quicker than they want. If at a later date you discuss a topic we haven’t covered before, and it is something I do not have experience with, I might discuss with you the option of referral. The reason for this is that I have to work safely and ethically with you, and it’s important that you get the best service.

If this sounds like a style of therapy you would like, or you have some questions to help you make up your mind, your can get in touch by filling in the form below. You can also download the working agreement that we would discuss and agree to in our first session here.

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